Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My personal weight loss journey continues...

Okay--so how's that for honesty and accountability? Yes, that is a rather embarrassing picture of me from a few years back. I simply wanted to let anyone out there who needs to lose weight realize that I understand how difficult it is to lose weight. First, let me tell you that at a height of 5'4" my top weight was 260 pounds. That falls into the classification of morbidly obese and was very dangerous to my health! Now, in July of 2013, I am within sight of my 100 pound weight loss goal!!! I have decided to go on the Complete Transformation Program using Juice Plus and the Complete shake to take off the remaining 16-18 pounds to officially make my goal. I am seeking a small group of people who would like to join me on this program. I am hopeful that maybe something I say or do can help motivate or inspire you on your journey to your weight loss goal.

Here is my personal history...I was born prematurely weighing only 4 and a half pounds and was of average weight most of my childhood years and into my teens. As a senior in high school, I weighed around 118 pounds and was in really good shape. It was after I had gotten married at 17 and found out that my new mother-in-law was the best cook in the world that I began to put on weight. I began to eat more and exercise less. Nothing out of the ordinary, but my weight increased continually. Then I got pregnant and ate for two. After delivering a beautiful healthy baby girl, I just didn't lose the extra weight. Then there was the beautiful baby boy, and still more weight. Add baby number 3--another beautiful baby girl-- all within 3 and a half years--and I was very overweight. To complicate issues, during this last pregnancy I became very ill with a condition that I would would be later diagnosed as Sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis causes respiratory issues and extreme fatigue, which makes it all but impossible to exercise. In fact I was called lazy! I went through extreme frustration for 10 years while seeking a diagnosis. Each doctor had an educated guess as to what was wrong with me from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, to "it's all in your head!". Thankfully I met a young resident while in the ER of the hospital one night and he listened to my history for about an hour and told me he believed I had Sarcoidosis. Tests were run and, well, here we are...being inactive, the weight continued to pile on and when my 4th bundle of sunshine was born (a beautiful baby girl) my weight topped the scale at 260 and I found out I had diabetes in addition to the Sarcoidosis. Over the years, the Sarcoidosis has flared and has been trying to destroy my body and health. I decided after reading a lot of information about nutrition that although I couldn't do anything about the Sarcoidosis, I could try to improve my health by losing weight! It has been a very slow process to lose 100 pounds, but I am almost there!

Whether you have a lot of weight to loose, or just a little, let's work together and get healthier! This is not a diet, it's your new lifestyle! I plan to use this blog to keep myself accountable and to encourage others on their weight loss journey!

*if you are interested in starting the Complete Transformation program with me, please leave a comment on this blog, or e-mail me (Robin) at

Check out the next post for my current photo! (Hint: I'm 178-179 pounds now)

In the meantime, if you would like to check out the Juice Plus products, please check out my website at: you may order your product supplies online from that website. You will need to order the trio (Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard) as well as two boxes of Complete shakes. The Complete shakes are sold with 4 pouches in each box. You may order all Vanilla, all Chocolate, or a combo pack (which is two pouches Chocolate, two pouches Vanilla.). Please feel free to contact me if you need help.

When you let me know that you want to join, I will send you all needed information by e-mail. I am so excited to share this with you!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Get ready to join us and lose weight!!!

Welcome to our blog! So glad that you found us! This blog introduction contains important information about a new program that helps us lose weight. Although the program is new, the product that is implemented in the program was created 20 years ago and is called Juice Plus. We are distributors who market Juice Plus and we are seeking a group of people who wish to lose weight with an online support group. We have chosen a start date for our first group on the Complete Transformation Program to be August 4th, 2013. The initial phase of this program will last 6 weeks. If interested, please comment below. You will need about a week to order supplies and have them reach you.

*During this blog, questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome but please remember one thing--Thumpers mothers advice was "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!"

It is not a diet, but your new lifestyle!! It is a program that helps you integrate whole foods in your diet and is sustainable. Some of the results of integrating whole foods are :

*more energy

*improved sleep

*dropping stubborn pounds

*greater mental clarity

*a boosted immune system

*a plan of eating for health

Get involved and lets encourage one another!

More details coming soon...